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10mm Chaotic Despoilers Units

10mm Chaotic Despoilers Units

Want to get individual regiments for your armies? Look no further!

Printed in a tough but flexible resin that shows off the details and resists handling.


10 Units or Complete sets can even include a set of bases designed to work in Warmaster and unit converter trays for Kings of War in 10mm maximising the playability of your models!


These are cleaned and cured and only require the thin supports to be trimmed away before they’re ready to paint.


WHOLE SET (Number of Strips/Minis):

Marauders (12), Warriors (12), Marauder Horsemen (12), Chaotic Knights (6), Hell Hounds (6), Chaotic Trolls (9), Chaotic Ogres (9), Draconic Ogres (3), Sorcerer, Lord, Lord on Dragon, Chariot, Mounted Lord


Single Units:

-Marauders (6),

-Warriors (6)

-Marauder Riders(6)

-Armoured Knights (6)

-Hell Hounds (6)

-Trolls (9)

-Chariots (3)

-Ogres (9)

- Draconic Ogres (3)

-Charcters on Foot (all)

-Mounted Characters (all)

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