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10mm Fantasy Village Sets

10mm Fantasy Village Sets

3D printed 10mm wargames buildings. Resin printed for crisp detials at a small scale.Drawn from the Leichheim city set, printed under licence from 3DLayeredScenery.

ABS like resin used for a durable terrain piece with fine detials. Models are cleaned and cured and ready to prime.

- Slum Set (S) - 3 Slum buildings, just about worth a skirmish over

- Commoners Set (M) - 3 Commoner buildings, a little richer and worth fighting for.

- Vilage Set (M) - Put tem together with a shop and you hav 7 buldings that really fill out a villange.

- City Set (L) - Now we are talking! 9 Buildings and enough taxes to go to battle for!

- Metropolis Set (XL) - This is what wars are fought over! 12 Building including the biggest in the range that dwarf the regiments sent to die to protect them.

- City Walls (XL) - These colossal walls are designed to keep out any army...unless they brought their trebuchet.

Orders can be placed for printed only or if you want them painted, you can order them that way! Checkout my painted example and the Instgram account connected to my shop.

    PriceFrom £15.00
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