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10mm Skirmish set

10mm Skirmish set

Time to take your coffee table Wargaming to several new levels with this 3D printed 10mm Wargaming set. Pick from gangs you know and love and a variety of scenery for a scaled down game.


Gang lists are below, along with a number of terrain options.


Small Set: choice of 2 gangs and one terrain zone.


Medium Set: choice of 2 gangs and 2 terrain zones


Large Set: choice of 3 gangs and 3 terrain zones


Blue Zone: 2 tall pillars, 3 medium pillars, 3 small pillars, 8 platforms, plenty of stairs


Green Zone: giant piece, large pieces, 2 small pieces, 4 crates and 1 container


Red Zone: 3 large pieces, 1 small piece, 5 crates and 1 container.



The guard: 22 guard, 3 cavalry, heavy team


Colony Marines: 22 marines, 3 Walker Exo-suits


Battle droids: 18 battle droids, 5 roller droids


Greenskinned Mob: 15 boys, 5 nobles, 3 mega armoured boys


Gang models by Wakes Emporium, Lazy Forger and Ankylo Miniatures, terrain by Sarcus Mundas. Printed under licences

    PriceFrom £17.50
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