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10mm Wargame box set - Suitable for Kings of War and Warmaster

10mm Wargame box set - Suitable for Kings of War and Warmaster

AA complete box set of miniatures and accessories to play 10mm Wargaming, aimed at Kings of War and Warmaster compatibility.


Choose Your Forces!

Chivalric Knights


Wood Elf

High Elf

Chaotic Despoilers


Orc and Goblis

Night Goblins

Dark Elves

Arabic Warriors

Tomb Lords

Ratmen Hordes


Beast Kin Herd

Chaotic Dwarves

** Please pick two in your order message **


This fully 3D printed set is ready to build, paint and play and contains two full armies plus the option for terrain to fight over.


Included in the set:

- Two full armies of 10mm scale minis (Units at the end of this listing)

- Terrain to battle around (optional: Enhanced or Deluxe)

- Enough bases for all the models



Deluxe: 7 Buildings, 8 tree armatures

(Can be substitued for the Desert Set on request)


Miniatures are printed in a tough but flexible ABS like resin to resist breakages but will still need to be handled with care as any miniature would.


Forest Dragon Miniatures, Greenskin Miniatutes, Ankylo, Dark Realms Forge and Leichheim 3DLayeredScenery buildings are printed under license.


They are shipped fully cured so require no special handling and are on the supports to aid safe postage. Clipping of the supports is needed before painting. If you wish to sand any parts (not expected to be a necessity) use a mask and gloves.


Mats are from TinyWargames: 22" x 30"


Kings of War Rules are available digitally and in physical copy:


Mantic’s army builder app:


Thanks for looking and hope you will enjoy many battles with this set!


Infantry are on strips of 5/6 and cavalry/archers on strips of 2. Lists of the units are below:


Chivalric Knights: Peasants (12), Men at Arms (12), Archers (12), Yeoman (12), Knights (6), Elite Knights (6), Pegasus Knights (6), Trebuchet and crew, Reliquary, Lord on Horse, Enchantress, King on Hipogryff


Dwarves:Warriors (18), Beserkers (12), Elite Warriors (12), Crossbows (12), Muskets (12), Flame Cannon and crew (3), Cannon and crew (3), Gyrocopter (3), Anvil Alter, Characters


Undead: Skeletons with spears (12), Zombies (12), Wraiths (6), Grave Guardians (6), Skeleton Knights (12), Vampire Knights (6), Bats (6), Deadly Coach, Dire Wolves (6) Necromancer, Vampire lord, Vampire on Zombie Dragon, Vampire battle standard


Chaotic: Marauders (12), Warriors (12), Marauder Horsemen (12), Chaos Knights (6), Hell Hounds (6), Trolls (9), Chaotic Ogres (9), Draconic Ogres (3), Sorcerer, Lord, Dragon, Chariot, Mounted Lord


Wood Elf: Archers (12), Watcher Archers (12), Spearmen (12), Blade Acrobats (6), Dryads (6), Light Cavalry (6), Stag Cavalry (6), Tree kin (6), HawkRiders (3), Treeman, Lord on Dragon, Archmage, Prince


Orcs and Goblins: Orcs (12), Great Orcs (12), Boar riders (12), Goblins (12), Trolls (9), Ogres (9), Rock Thrower, Giant, Spear Thrower, Chariot, Warboss on Wyvern, Mounted and foot characters


Dark Goblins: Goblin Spears (12), Archers (12), Wolf Riders (12), Trolls (9), Squigly Riders (9), Squigly herders (6), Pumped Waggons (3), Charriots (3), Doomed Diver (2), Fanatical Goblins (9), Giant (1), Wyvern Rider, Foot and mounted characters


High Elves: Archers (12), Spearmen (12), Light Cavalry (12) Heavy Cavalry (12), chariots (3), Eagles (3), Bolt Thrower, Prince, Mage, Lord on Dragon


Ratmen Hordes:

Ratmen with Spears(12), Elite Storm Rats (6), Ninja Rats (12), Plague Throwrers (6), Plague Rats (6), Vermin Ogres (9), Vermin Swarms (4), Heavy Weapons (6), Lightning Cannon, Plague Censer, Death Wheel, Giant Bell, Character Pack


Arabic Warriors: Spearmen (12), Elite Guards (6), Archers (24), War Elephants (3), Magic Carpets (3), Camel Cavalry (12), Light Cavalry (12), Caravan (10), Genie, Characters on foot and Mounted


Tomb Lords: Skeleton infantry(18), Skeleton Guards (6), Archers (24), chariots (6), Bone Thrower (1), Skull Thrower, Cavalry (12), Giant, Giant scorpion, Sphynx, Lord on Skeleton Dragon, Carrion, Snake Riders, Characters on foot and Mounted


Dark Elves: Spearmen (18), Blood Brides (6), Crossbows (24), Harpies (6), Bolt Throwers (2), Heavy Cavalry (6), Light Cavalry (12), Charriot, Blood Altar, Hydra, Lord on Manticore, Characters on foot and Mounted


Lizardmen: Warriors (12), Temple Guardians (6), Skirmishers (24), Krok-Gors (18), Salamanders (4), Pterradons (3), Dinoriders (12), Behemoth and crew (8), Lord on Giant Lizard, Lord mage on throne, Characters on foot


Beast Kin Herd: All Characters, Gorelings Hand Weapons (6), Gorelings Spears (6), Gorelings Bows (24), Gore Kin Herd (12), Beast Gore Elite - Great Weapons (6), Centaur Gore (6), Blood Hounds (6), Chariots (3), Minotaurs (9), Spawn (3), Draco Ogres (3 + Lord), Beast Giant


Chaotic Dwarves: Warriors (12), Orc Slaves (12), Hob Goblins (12), Blunderbusses (24), Centaurs (12), Wolf Riders (6), Artillery (3), Characters Foot and Mounted,

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