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15mm Orc Encampment

15mm Orc Encampment

Even the smartest adventurers sometimes wander into the wrong town.

This orc encampment set comes with some great terrain that clearly shows the orcs didn’t like the previous occupants, having totally trashed this once great dwarf village.

The Mega set contains all the terrain and your choice of two faction packs (30 minis), chosen from:

- Player Characters Pack

- Orcs and Goblins

- Dark Goblins

- Dwarves

- Undead

- High Elves

- Wood Elves

- Dark Elves

- Beast Men

- Humans

- Chaotic

- Ratmen

Each Building can also be ordered separately.

Terrain printed in black PLA under licence from Dark Realms Forge. Minis printed in ABS resin under licence from Forest Dragon, Greenskin Miniatures and Ankylo.

    PriceFrom £10.00
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