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8mm Epic Scale Sci-fi Astral Dwarves

8mm Epic Scale Sci-fi Astral Dwarves

Huge armies on a small scale, Epic 8mm armies are back and better than ever!


Available in huge box sets that contain an army in a box, this is the best value way to get started with an army or top up a project. Below are also the full unit options to expand your forces.


Printed in a flexible resin. Models printed under licence from KMFP.


Astral Dwarves Army Deal:

40 x Warriors , 20 x Berzerkers, 10 x Sheild Guard, 20 x Snipers, 6 x Field Artillery and Crew, 8 x Bikes, 3 x Mech Walkers, 1 x Giant Wlaker, 6 x APCs, 3 X Battle TANKS, 2 x Siege Tanks, 1 x Giant Walkers, 7x HQ


Seperate Units:

30x Warriors

30x Berzerkers

30 x Sheild Guard

30 x Snipers

6 x Field Artillery and Crew

3 x APCs

6 x APCs

3 X Battle Tanks

6 X Battle Tanks

2 x Siege Tanks

1 x Giant Walker

7x HQ

8 x Bikes

3 x Mech Walkers

1 x Giant Wlaker

7x HQ

    PriceFrom £4.00
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