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8mm Epic Scale Sci Fi Sets

8mm Epic Scale Sci Fi Sets

Huge armies on a small scale, Epic 8mm armies are back and better than ever!


Available in huge box sets that contain an army in a box, this is the best value way to get started with an army or top up a project.


Printed in a flexible resin and provided with MDF bases, everythin you need is included!


Models printed under licence from KMFP, Wakes Emporium and Bishok. MDF terrain designed by ROK Minis. Gaming mat provided by Tiny Wargames.


Orbital Drop Knights

40 x Infantry, 20 x Plasma, 20 x Missile, 24 x Heavy Infantry, 20 x Assault, 4 x Walkers, 6 x APCs, 4 x Battle tanks,  2 x Heavy Assault APCs, 6x HQ


Astral Dwarves

40 x Warriors , 20 x Berzerkers, 10 x Sheild Guard, 20 x Snipers, 6 x Field Artillery and Crew, 8 x Bikes, 3 x Mech Walkers, 1 x Giant Wlaker, 6 x APCs, 3 X Battle TANKS, 2 x Siege Tanks, 1 x Giant Walkers, 7x HQ



50 x Infantry, 10 x Elite Infantry, 10 x Close Combat Troops, 10 x Flamers, 50 x Drop Troops, 20x Drop Elite, 8 x Mutants, 4 x Drop APCS, , 3 x Drop Buggies, 4 x Drop Walkers, 4 X APCS, 6 x Battle Tanks, 4 x Artillery, HQ’s



30 x Combat Lads, 30 x Shooting Lads, 10 x Heavy Weapons, 8 x Fancy Guns, 12 Heavy Armour, 30 x Rocket Lads, 4 x Battle Tanks, 6 x transport waons, 3 x trucks, 3 x flamer trucks, 3 x dragsters, 5 X Buggies, 7x HQs



30 x Long Rifles, 30 x Assault Rifles, 30 x Spears, 12 x Cavalry, 6 x Giant Cyborgs, 20 x Elites, 3 x APCS, 3 x Walker Tanks, 4 x Weapon Drones, 1 x Siege Mole, 7x HQ

    PriceFrom £70.00
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