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Battle at the City Gates

Battle at the City Gates

The beacons are lit, will you answer their call for aid?


Refight an epic 10mm scale battle at the white cities gates with this boxed set or choose sides and make an army worthy of any name.


White City Defenders:

1 Unit Swan Knights

3 Units of Swordsmen

3 Units of Royal Guard

3 Units of Horselord Cavalry

4 Balistas

2 Trebuchets

Good Heroes


Evil Alliance:

3 Units of Orcs

2 Units of Eastern Warriors

2 Units of Desert Raiders

1 Unit of Desert Raider Horsemen

1 Unit of Desert Raider Camels

1 Battle Elephant

5 Armourer Trolls

1 Unit Orc Archers


Core Terrain Pack:

4 Towers

Ruines Stables

Walls and scatter


City Gate:

Gate and towers, 2 corners


Walls Expansion:

4 Wall sections that can be placed between gate and corners


Boxset supplied with bases for all models. Printed in and ABS like resin.


Models under licence from Wakes Emporium, Varus Miniatures, Dark Realms Forge, Greenskin Miniatures, Tran Anh

    PriceFrom £35.00
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