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Clearance: 10mm Skirmish set

Clearance: 10mm Skirmish set

Time to take your coffee table Wargaming to several new levels with this 3D printed 10mm Wargaming set. Pick from gangs you know and love and a variety of scenery for a scaled down game.


Gang lists are below, along with a number of terrain options.


Small Set: choice of 2 gangs and one terrain zone.


Medium Set: choice of 2 gangs and 2 terrain zones


Large Set: choice of 3 gangs and 3 terrain zones


Blue Zone: 2 tall pillars, 3 medium pillars, 3 small pillars, 8 platforms, plenty of stairs


Green Zone: giant piece, large pieces, 2 small pieces, 4 crates and 1 container


Red Zone: 3 large pieces, 1 small piece, 5 crates and 1 container.



The guard: 22 guard, 3 cavalry, heavy team


Colony Marines: 22 marines, 3 Walker Exo-suits


Battle droids: 18 battle droids, 5 roller droids


Greenskinned Mob: 15 boys, 5 nobles, 3 mega armoured boys


Gang models by Wakes Emporium, Lazy Forger and Ankylo Miniatures, terrain by Sarcus Mundas. Printed under licences

    PriceFrom £17.50
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