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Clearance: Full Spectrum Dominance Box Set

Clearance: Full Spectrum Dominance Box Set

Boxed sets of miniatures for Full Spectrum Dominance from Lazy Forger.


Full game information and rules:


A 6mm tactical war game you can play on your coffee table! Highly detailed minis printed in robust ABS like resin.


All sets include 2mm MDF Bases, tailored per faction.


Starter Sets:

Enlisted -

2 infantry units, Scout unit, 2 heavy infantry units, 3 Large transports, 3 Battle tanks

4 Walker suits, 2 Artillery pieces, 2 Light Support Vehicle, 1 Med Land battleship



2 infantry units, 2 heavy infantry units, 2 Heavy Spider Drones, 8 Spider drones, 2 scout mechs, 2 Small mechs, 4 Large mechs, 1 Flyer, 2 Mobile Gun Platforms



2 units of steeljack, 2 units of reclaimers, 12 buggies, 5 tuggers, 3 combat rigs, 3 gun rigs, 2 heavy transports, mobile fortress



3 units of infantry, 2 units of RPG infantry, 5 drop pods, 2 scout tanks, 2 MBT, 1 heavy tank, artilery tank, rocket platform, 2 scout walkers, 2 ranged walkers, troop transport flyer, heavy weapon flyer


Terrain Pack Options:

Shanty:Fuel station, shacks, 6 buildings, many fences,


Boxed Game Set:

Select Two Faction Starter Packs, One Terrain Pack


All minis are printed under licence from Lazy Forger.

    PriceFrom £30.00
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