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Dungeon Questing Set - 15mm

Dungeon Questing Set - 15mm

Want to go questing like its 1995? Now you can at half the scale!
This set brings back the nostalgic glory of days gone by at half the size! This makes it a lot more portable, fast to paint up and easy to store all while adding a 3D feel to the environment.
Set includes:
4 Mighty Heroes (expansions available)
3 Dreaded Minotaurs
12 Orcs (6 melee, 6 ranged)
24 Goblins (12 melee, 12 ranged)
12 Giant Bats
12 Ratmen
12 Spiders
12 Grotlings
12 Giant Rats
Small: 5 Doors and 21 Tiles: (6 corners, 6 Sides, 3 corridor ends, 4 corridor middle, 2 without walls)
Large: 10 Doors and 42 Tiles: (12 corners, 12 Sides, 6 corridor ends, 8 corridor middle, 4 without walls)
Models are printed as single pieces in ABS like resin to give robust gaming tiles that will survive game after game and transporting around.
Model designs are licenced from Forest Dragon, Greenskin Miniatures, Wakes Emporium, Ankylo Miniatures and Varus Miniatures.
Terrain is licenced from Openforge and Whiteshark Gaming Studios.

    PriceFrom £45.00
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