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Refinery Sets: 6-8mm terrain

Refinery Sets: 6-8mm terrain

A fully modular refinery, storage tank and pipe network that can be connected and built in any way you like.


Sets are available as:

- small tanks (2 cylindrical, 2 spherical, 2 double spheres) plus connecting pipes and pipe ends

- refinery (3 refineries plus chimney towers) plus connecting pipes and pipe ends

- large tanks (2 large tanks, 2 tank toppers with walkways) plus connecting pipes and pipe ends

- pipe network (a mixture of straight, corner, crossover and pipe ends), enough to build a large network and also connect up all the other elements in the set

- Complete Collection (one each of the small tank, large tank, refinery and pipe network sets)


Printed in ABS like resin under licence from Lazy Forger

    PriceFrom £30.00
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