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Void Derelict Set - 15mm scale

Void Derelict Set - 15mm scale

Remeber the glory days of overwatch and gun jams? Now you can re-live them in 15mm and they'll actually fit on your coffee table!


Each set comes with the full mini range: 13 unique Human Defenders and 24 Alien Lurkers.

There are 60 room and corridor tiles, 20 slot in doors, 40 mini bases and all the tokens for a great immersive game.


The 2D set features the floor tiles only. They are laser etched for easy painting or usable plain.

The fully 3D features slot together walls that are easy to assemble and glue to the floor tiles with any decent PVA or wood glue.

Miniatures are printed in a Flexible ABS Like Resin and board sections are laser cut MDF.


Parts can be arranged as you please to build Spaceship themed tiles.

Minis and Terrain designs all owned by ROK Minis.

    PriceFrom £10.00
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