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Voidship Troops

Voidship Troops

Are you ready to do your part?


Fight off the menacing alien bugs or tear infantry limb from limb, the choice is yours!


This set is available in both 6mm and 10mm scale. 6mm set comes with a set of bases for the infantry so you can multi-base them. The 10mm set is at a size where the minis can be played with as singles.


The set contents are as follows:


Bugs - 24 Spider Bugs


120 Rifles

12 heavy cannons

12 Snipers

3 nuke launcher bases

Command pack



Bugs - 15


60 rifles

6 heavy cannons

6 snipers

6 nuke launchers

Command pack


Terrain pack:

6mm: 5 long, 2 short, 3 corners, 2 gates, 6 towers

10mm 3 long, 2 short, 2 corners, 1 gate, 3 towers


Walls Only:

6mm: 5 long, 2 short, 2 corners, 2 gates

10mm 3 long, 2 short, 2 corners, 1 gate


Towers Only:

6mm: 6 towers

10mm 3 towers


Mat: 22x30 inch Sand print on neoprene


Models printed under licence from Wakes Emporium

    PriceFrom £20.00
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